The College has about 21 Lecturers located in the Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu Campuses

Florence Matewere
PrincipalFlorence MatewereFlorence.matewere@ict.gov.mw
Responsible for Admin. Blantyre Campus
Sangwani Mkandawire
LecturerSangwani MkandawireSangwani.mkandawire@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Laboratory Tech. Blantyre Campus
Seba Chizonda
LecturerSeba ChizondaSeba.chizonda@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Information Systems Blantyre Campus
Dyna Manyamba
Acting PrincipalDyna ManyambaDyna.manyamba@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Office Solutions Dev. Lilongwe Campus
Dyna Kachigamba
LecturerDyna KachigambaDyna.Kachigamba@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Agile Dev Lilongwe Campus
Emmanuel  Chinkota
LecturerEmmanuel ChinkotaEmmanuel@chinkota@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Computer Networks Lilongwe Campus
Caroline Chirombo
Chief LecturerCaroline Chirombo Caroline.chirombo@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Professional Issues. Blantyre campus
Chindika Mulambia
LecturerChindika MulambiaChikinda.mulambia@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Final Year Projects Blantyre Campus
Hastings Holla
LecturerHastings HollaHastings.holla@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Computer Systems Blantyre Campus
Clement Gondwe
LecturerClement GondweClement.gondwe@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Computer Systems Lilongwe Campus
Asimenyekiara Mwausegha
LecturerAsimenyekiara Mwauseghaasimenyekiara.mwausegha@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Computer Networks Blantyre Campus
Dennis Chinthochi
LecturerDennis ChinthochiDenis.chinthochi@ict.gov.mw
Specialist in Database Dev Lilongwe Campus

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